The Plan’s Data 

In developing this plan, TEConomy Partners and Keen Point Consulting conducted an independent, data-driven assessment combined with broad stakeholder engagement from private industry, economic development and higher education. A total of 77 interviews and three industry focus groups were conducted to ensure broad-based input.

In addition, the study’s development relied on competitive benchmarking to 17 other similar states and a detailed analysis of NH patent activity.

Summary of Benchmark Analysis

Patent Innovation Taking Place in New Hampshire

Measures and NH Position across Business Environment for Innovation-Led Development

Sensor, Optics, Communications and Electronic Systems Growth Profile

Photonics and Plasma Technologies Growth Profile

Data Processing and Network Systems Growth Profile

Biotech Analysis Tools, Techniques and Products Growth Profile

Medical Devices Growth Profile

Agricultural, Marine, and Bio-based Products Growth Profile

Completed Interviews for the NH University Research & Industry Plan