NH Opportunities

NH’s best growth opportunities are revealed by aligning where NH excels in innovation-led industry with its know-how and capacity in university research activities.

The line-of-sight approach to identify industry innovation drivers 

Step 1:  Analyzing patent activities to identify clusters of innovation

Step 2: Considering how emerging technology company activities align with these patent innovation clusters

Step 3: Identifying how well these industry innovation activities map to specific NH industries and their performance

Step 4: Assessing how NH university research activities align with the innovation cluster activity

Step 5: Assessing the market growth potentials associated with each growth opportunity

                                                                                                (Click image to enlarge)

Details- Appendix A

Six niche areas of NH industry innovation fall within three broad industry clusters

Advanced Manufacturing

  • Sensor, optics, communications and electronic systems
  • Photonics and Plasma Technologies

Information Systems

  • Data processing and network systems


  • Biotech Analysis Tools, Techniques and Products
  • Medical Devices
  • Agricultural, Marine and Bio-based Products