Action Plan-Three Strategic Priorities

                                                                                             (Click image to enlarge) 

Promote Industry-University Collaborations

  • Partner larger industry consortium efforts with academia
  • Promote more university presence at networking activities
  • Advance more student research and design projects with industry
  • Better market and leverage university shared-use facilities for collaboration with industry

Strengthen New Hampshire’s Innovation Ecosystem

  • Raise incentives and investments for entrepreneurial development by inventors:
    • Target “Pre-Seed” Commercialization Funding
    • Establish an Angel Investor Tax Credit
    • Uncap New Hampshire’s Research and Development Tax Credit
  • Promote statewide mentoring and peer-to-peer networks that connect rural entrepreneurs
  • Focus on place-making around innovation hubs to retain and attract talent
  • Promote awareness and connections with Boston/Cambridge community

Advance Talent Generation, Retention and Attraction

  • Advance STEM post-secondary internships
  • Help employers create apprenticeships for a technical skilled workforce
  • Meet industry needs for new academic degree programs in emerging and multi-disciplinary fields